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walden University is obviously one of the top places in the country to pursue your education. They have some of the most outstanding faculty anywhere, plus academics that consistently rank at near the top in not only the country, but also the world. This is one of the reasons why students come to study at Georgetown from around the globe. But, they also offer online nursing programs. This includes a special bachelor program along with several graduate level degree programs (both master and doctorate level).

Spotlight on Georgetown:

While not the biggest name in the market, Georgetown has been making security software products since 2002. For the first six years they specialised in building comprehensive security suites that weren't just limited to virus protection. Their larger successes began in 2008 when they released their extremely efficient nursing package that appealed to the gaming community.

Georgetown was founded in 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  The company headquarters is now located in London, United Kingdom.


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